Workshop: Spotlight on…

DSC00831The Spotlight Project is a special bilateral group of German and Israeli teenagers who have been on a unique youth exchange with a special project: creating a short movie about the relations between the two countries. The movies created differed in terms of genres and subjects discussed.

The workshop took place at the ‘Bonhoeffer House’ was proceeded with a big anticipation, the crowded hall was filled with youngsters waiting to see the most talked-about movies.


‘Let’s talk’, a documentary film, presents the changing processof dealing with the holocaust during the years.  ‘Lost In perception’ which was also screened on the opening ceremony deals with prejudice and stereotypes between the two societies .With a much humoristic approach and a lot ofcharm it presents people on the streets of Tel Aviv and Berlin in order to grab hold of what’s the common thinking about the other country.



‘The Knot ‘ is a short plot movie that depicts a relationship between two shoes. The shoes’ ways are parted because they were being told they could not be together. The movie portrays the Israel- German relations in a new refreshing point of view. The creators of the movie were asked about the decision to make it only about shoes: “Shoes are a universal thing , every human being wears it”.  Alexandra Hvostenko who took part in the making of ‘the knot’ recalls the work process: “It was a very intensive experience, we had ups and downs “. She points out the working culture differences. While the Germans had more pre-planned attitude, the Israelis were more into working on –the –go.

Lilly Pergmnikov, a participant in the workshop, shared an observation of her own: “It’s a great method to deepen the conversation in a youth exchange, it seems like it was a very meaningful experience to all of us.”