Workshop: Changing Views and Opinions

We got a glance into the workshop conveyed by Michal Maroz from the University of Haifa & Tanja Berg an educator of the youth exchange project Tel Aviv – Berlin-Pankow. The participants were shown the asymmetric impacts in German-Israeli youth exchanges and had a detailed discussion about their own experiences and viewpoints.

Michal Maroz and Tanja Berg

Michal Maroz and Tanja Berg

In 2010, when Michal explored this issue, she had already been familiar with the topic for 7 years of German-Israeli relations via exchanges and educational volunteer work in Germany, including personal experiences with other exchange partners. She saw her voluntary work as an opportunity to learn about intercultural relations from the professional perspective. Due to her own experience with exchanges she chose to use it in her Master thesis in social education.

Michal had used a specific study case and focused on what happened before and after the exchange and intercultural encounter between the participants. In Michal’s opinion it is most important that there should be a committed partner on the Israeli side responsible for the German-Israeli encounters. In general, it would support establishing a wider and deeper frame for this platform.