Workshop: The Future of the Past

A German, an Israeli. Today side on side.

Even though the youth congress is generally about having a good time together, about making friends, and strengthening relations between Israelis and Germs in the here and now, naturally, the issue of the past emerges. It is present in small encounters between participants and pops up every now and then. For many the workshop sessions offered a welcome chance to speak about it in a bit more systematic and moderated way.  “Living with history”, a session to develop possible strategies for the future, attracted about 15 participants.

“How can we deal with the past when all holocaust survivors are dead? “, was a question raised by student Benjamin during the session.  “A really important issue”, Hannelore another participant stressed. Mohammed, a teacher, pointed out the importance of teaching kids but also of treating the holocaust as a single incidence that is not comparable to anything before and after. Also the notions of guilt and responsibly were discussed. “It were my great-grand parents, I cannot feel responsible, as it was not me who did this. But I agree, I am responsible for the future, to actively prevent this or something alike ever again” one participant said.