Silent Heroes Tour

Otto Weidt hid employees in a secret room of his factory. Many times when the Gestapo came, they did not think about looking behind a shelf behind which this room laid. However, one day they got a hint, by a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis. The family that was found was deported to Auschwitz and most probably died.

The Jew who denounced his fellows did not do this out of conviction but in order to save his own life. Before collaborating with the regime they gave him a simple choice. To collaborate, or to die.

 © Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt

© Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt

When the guide explains this, there are a few seconds in which no word is spoken. There is no distinction that can be made between German or Israeli participants during the Silent-Hero-Tour. In accordance with the theme of the tour most participants were during the tour silent listening to the story of the silent-hero Otto Weidt. In his factory he employed deaf and blind Jews who would have otherwise been sentenced to death. They produced brushes and brooms. It was not his goal to have cheap working forces; various life stories tell how he protected Jewish workers from persecution and deportation.

Or Posener © Media Team

Or Posener
© Media Team

Or Posener a congress participant from Pardesiya takes a very personal message of this tour: “For me people like Otto Weidt inspire to do something good to other people in my environment…!”