Kreuzberg: “Open Your Eyes!”

In Skalitzer Street, Kreuzberg, there is a warrior – a yoga warrior. Sitting on the street sign, almost invisible for common pedestrians. Today that warrior is the center of attention. About 40 young Germans and Israelis get to know Berlin from a very detailed view.

“Open your eyes and see what people leave on the street – without being asked to do so.” Caro Eickhoff is archiving Berlin street art. Since 2007 she shares her findings on a blog and invites others on walks through the city. From the origins of graffiti in the 1970s in New York to modern subculture communication, the tour offers a history of urban art.

The guide: Caro Eickhoff

The guide: Caro Eickhoff

The group learns about human beans, colorful little man, protesting in the corner of a wall and that Belgian artist Roa’s favorite motifs are dead animals. There are small works of art, that are almost invisible and gigantic paintings covering entire building walls. Some are legal and produced as a part of exhibitions and even more are illegal, created in the dark.

Street art in Kreuzberg is as diverse as its creators. Artists from all over the world have left their mark in the district. There are political messages, carefully written signatures and colorful paintings. And the yogi warrior, watching over Berlin. Along with over 1000 cork figures in different yoga positions.


During the street art tour through the quarter of Kreuzberg, Israelis and Germans alike explored graffitis in hidden alleyways.

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