Kreuzberg: From “Problem Area” to Urban Center


The guided-tour through “multicultural Kreuzberg” was especially popular.

The kebab: This Turkish German dish is just one example of the complementing mix of cultures in Germany’s capital. But multicultural encounter was not always easy, as many “Gastarbeiter” only became valued members of German society some decades after their arrival. In Kreuzberg, one of Berlin´s most culturally diverse districts, the participants explored this multicultural side of the German capital.
For long Kreuzberg was regarded as being one of the problematic areas of the city. But this has changed. In 2015 a lot of “Oh I like it here”-mumbling was to hear during the tour. The strong presence of multicultural influences, as well as the cheap living costs made Kreuzberg interesting for many artists: “It’s like the urban center of Berlin”, said Samuel Roller, one of the German participants.

Kreuzberg is no longer considered to be a problematic place to live. But this creates problems of a different kind. Since the area became trendy and known beyond the city borders, a lot of residents who made up the charm of the area have left. They cannot afford the rents any more.