Berlin-Mitte: Glass Towers and Historical Sights

Why is there a checkpoint called „Charlie“, what is a „Stolperstein“ and how much of the Berlin Wall still exists today? On a tour through the city center of Berlin, the Israeli participants of the Youth Congress were eager to find out more about their host city’s history – and the first impressions seemed to be more than pleasing. While some were especially impressed with the city’s blend of modern and historical architecture – from the glass-clad towers of Potsdamer Platz to the weathered pillars of the Brandenburg Gate – others were simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city: „I imagined this place to be much smaller“, participant Nofar Ezer said, while making her way down the busy sidewalks of Friedrichstraße. Others again, like 22-year old Jonathan Navaro, found rather surprising ways of explaining their attraction to the German capital: „I love the weather here. In Tel Aviv it’s always sunny, sunny, sunny. In Berlin it can get a little bit rougher.“


German and Israeli participants in front of the Brandenburg Gate during one of the guided tours


The Holocaust Memorial