Berlin-Mitte: Barbed Wire and Marksmen

A concrete wall, two feet thick, barbed wire on it: 25 years ago, the wall of Berlin split a city in two, divided a nation. The participants of the German-Israeli Youth Congress discovered the history of the wall of Berlin on a tour along the former border. “I´m glad, that today we can see all parts of Berlin instead of seeing only one side”, Ziv from Israel said. Today one can hardly imagine what the separation meant to the people 25 years ago. Especially when there is only a line of paving stones on the ground that traces the path of the former wall. Kathrin Purps, the tour guide, lead the group among other things to the memorial of Peter Fechter, a bricklayer and one of the first victims of the marksmen on the Berlin wall, to the Checkpoint Charlie and finally to the topography of terror. There, the wall is still standing and you can feel the depressing atmosphere a little bit. “I felt really sorry for people living in East Berlin, who had to life in this reality of separation. They didn´t have the freedom to go wherever they want.”


Some participants gather around a piece of the Berlin Wall during a tour on German division and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in Berlin-Mitte

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