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 Most Israeli participants of the Youth Congress have been part of an exchange or a volunteer program in Germany and most German participants have at least been to Israel once. What are the most memorable recollections of their stays abroad and what do young Germans and Israelis think about each other?



Nofar Ezer (Rishon LeZion ,25)  “I find it very funny how German are always shocked when I tell them that I used to be a sniper in the army. ”


Theresa Klotzbuecher (Munich) “I never expereinced people as well-coming as in Israel. This is quite different to what you find in Germany.”


Amitai Edri (22, Rishon LeZion) “Germans are really not as organised as it s often said. They are far more laid back, but still not as laid back as Israelis.”


Elke Gryglewski (Berlin) “Politicians expect memorial sights to be anti-fascist washing machines. It just doesn’t work that way.”


Andrea Heubach (Berlin) “If you put stars on a walk of fame nobody asks if it is appropriate or not, so why make a fuss about the stumbling block?”


Renate Krekeler-Koch (Berlin) “On tours of memorial sites for German participants the emotions of the Israelis are more important than their own.”



Lili Pergamenikov (Rison LeZiyon, 28) “I am excited about the visit of the Israeli president, I see him as my third grandfather.”



Mohammed Abu ElHega (Tamra, 29) “Usually people say that Israelis are more open and Germans tend to be cold. But on the congress the lines are blurred and we are all one.”



Amir Alabid (Al Kasum, 30) “When I went to Germany this spring, I only brought t-shirts. It was so cold that I asked the pilot to take me back to Israel.”


Jonathan Navaro (Tel Aviv, 22): “I love Berlin. This is my third time here. I especially like the weather and the grey skies. In Tel Aviv it is always sunny, sunny, sunny. In Berlin it can get a little bit rougher.”

Lisa Friedrich (Leipzig, 23): “The most special thing about Israel is the food. I never ate Humus before and to me it’s just perfect.”

isa and eve
Evelina Sisman & Isabelle Ploch (Hamburg, 18): “Coming to Israel in October! The Hebrew words we already know are “Chai, Chazak and Neshama” (alive, strong and soul).

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