… in Israel

Now being in Israel and continuing the German-Israeli Youth Congress, how do the German and Israeli participants feel meeting up again and what are their expectations for the upcoming days? What do they keep in mind and what are their reflections on the last days when visiting Jerusalem, Yad Vashem and Tel Aviv? What are the most memorable recollections of their stays abroad and what do young Germans and Israelis think about each other? How do they reflect upon the past, present and future

TT_Cecilia_webCecilia (20, Hamburg): “Life sometimes is all about luck. People, who went through so much in their life, can still see the positive. The most inspirational thing about Henry Foner, the Holocaust survivor, was to see how he carried on with his life. Happily living in Israel, having a wife, children and a job, even though he wasn’t living with his biological parents, and so much was taken away from him. There are lucky coincidences in life and we should really pursue what we want to do in life.”

TT_Felix_webFelix (20, area of Munich): “I don’t think all the survivors wrote their story, and some information would be lost. Maybe we all should help and write down their stories into books, as volunteers of course.”

TT_Sapir_webSapir (22, Tel Aviv): “What I most liked about the Jerusalem tours was that the German participants could see the places of the diverse life in Israel, the complexity with their own eyes and hear the different voices that were raised, and not just read a piece of paper in the newsletter. It makes the view more vivid and clear.”

tattoo_Sally_neuSally’s (19, Leipzig) tattoo drew our attention. A quote by Ben Gurion inspired him for this tattoo in Hebrew. The English translation of the saying is: “Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles isn’t a realist.” The quote inspired him, because a miracle, metaphorically speaking, means change. Taking this into account as well as the fact that he is a political activist, he aims at making a change in his country and in the world. This would not be possible without believing it can happen for real. For Sally the tattoo will forever be a physical reminder, also in days when he would be frustrated, trying to make a change or even if he will loose his beliefs in the idea that change is a miracle, which can come true.

TT_IL_Mia_ShamyaMia and Shamya have not talked to each other since May when the 1st part of the youth congress took part in Berlin, but kept up with each others’ lives via Facebook.

TT_IL_ImmanuelImmanuel from Germany is happy to be at the youth congress because he likes to renew the relations. He expects that conversations about things that sometimes people avoid to talk about will be discussed at the youth congress.

TT_IL_ronRon from Israel is excited to be at the youth congress because he meets his friend that he didn’t see for half a year and it’s also an opportunity to get out of his daily routine. He expects to see the congress in a different way than he had seen it in Berlin.