Welcome to Israel to the 2nd part of the German-Israeli Youth Congress 2015

As the youth congress is at the ready with large plenum sessions, regular and intensive meetings of the encounter groups, the media group is preparing the first pictures and stories of the youth congress by now. Be ready for some upcoming highlights: we will gain insight in current life realities in Israel – touring the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Get ready for a visit to the Israeli parliament and meet a member of the Israeli Labor Party.

Do not go forward without having a look into the past: How does history affect us today? How are we coping with the shared history that connects us? Those questions will be accompanying your visit to Yad Vashem on Wednesday. Be prepared to listen to authentic voices of Holocaust survivors and to commemorate the Shoah in a shared ceremony.

We are looking forward to following your thoughts on facing the past and on your imagination of a shared future. What are your ideas for shaping multicultural and open-minded societies in Germany and Israel? We are curious to catch your utopias, new encounter projects during the youth congress. See you soon!