Show at 8pm


Doron and Danielle: directors of tonight’s Play

Danielle Natalie Kind (29), an Israeli artist, and Doron Gallia (24), member of the Israeli Scouts, came here as a couple and are presenting the play called “TOHUWABOHU” tonight. The play was created by a German-Israeli Group including the German director Andreas Wrosch and is a “site specific” show – a show designed uniquely to each location its performed in.  “Our show’s message might be a little different than the common atmosphere here at the Congress”, says Danielle,  the creator and co-director of the show.  They feel that as Israelis in the Congress they should “shake things up” regarding the topics discussed and that “we should put aside the politically correct attitude and create an authentic and honest discussion”. The play members’ whatsapp group is called “Between Chaos and Order“ and accurately describes the process of working together. “We as Israelis bring the ‘Balagan’ with us for good and for bad”, says Danielle.

They both have quite an urban resume, Doron is originally from Jerusalem, lived in Berlin for two months and just got back from India a while ago. Danielle was raised in Haifa but moved in to Tel Aviv and lived there for almost ten years. Today she lives in northern Israel near the Kinneret and is establishing an intercultural center for arts. 

Come and watch the play tonight at 8:00 pm